We had a great BC Day weekend, with awesome weather all weekend long for a change.

The weekend kicked off with a hike out to Quarry Rock on Friday night, which we kind of hot and sweaty.. Saturday proved to be a relaxing day, with Hannah at Taylor Swift, and family in town.  The day was topped off with a beautiful harvest moon, and the last night of the fireworks – which we watched from Dunderave – no photos.

On Sunday I hiked out to the the Big Cedar, and then on to Kennedy Falls, which was a great hike, although very hot.  I took the shortcut on the way back over the river to Cedars Mill, and soaked in the river for a bit before heading home.

On the holiday Monday we took a bike ride into the LSCR.  After the rest of the family had had enough I went out to the Salmon Hatechery, and then up to the dam to see how much water we had left for the summer – we need more rain :).

Enjoy the gallery.


.. a mid-afternoon stroll to Rogers Arena and BC Place saw the One Direction fans outnumbering Rush fans about 20:1…although I suspect that their average age was around 13, oneDand I am guessing the Rush fans were having to work for a living…This didn’t stop the One D team getting their merchandising machine up and running 7 hours before their show started. – I didn’t spot a Harry Styles t-shirt that I liked 🙂oneD2

5 hours later, and situation had changed a bit. Rush fans were outnumbered about 200:1..  But it was certainly starting to look more like a Rush concert.rush2

Meanwhile outside the One-D show – I am sure that Harry was happy for this guys support 🙂


Usually Rogers gets smoky after the lights go down. It was pretty hazy before the show even started.

As has become a tradition over the last few tour the show kicked off with a playful video poke at themselves through the years..before the real deal started in on a set that went backwards in time, starting with tracks from Clockwork Angels  – The Anarchist and Headlong Flight, followed by the first drum solo of the night.

Next it was back to 2007 for Far Cry and The Main Monkey Business from Snakes and Arrows. By the end of the first set we had been transported back to the 1982 with Subdivisions playing into the beer break.  Two highlights of the first part of the set included Roll the Bones, with it’s celebrity rap video, featuring Canada’s own Trailer Park Boys, Peter Dinklage, Jason Segel and Paul Rudd.  This was followed later in the set by Losing It from Signals where the band was joined onstage by local Vancouver violinist Ben Mink.

After a short break to drink overpriced beer it was straight back at it.  The band got stronger throughout the evening, getting more energetic the further back in time they went ( maybe they were getting younger ).  After crowd pleasers Tom Sawyer, YYZ, and The Spirit of Radio, as well as Natural Science we got an awesome rendition of Jacobs Ladder. It was a very bassy version, and reminded me of early Black Sabbath oddly.

Cygnuss X-1 was followed by a truncated 2112 to round out the end of the 2nd set.

Eugene Levy appeared on screen to introduced the boys as newcomers who had supported Kiss ( twice !!), and the band came back with the stage now looking like a school gym, and the single amps with mic’s draped over them.. The encore comprised Lakeside Park, Anthem, What You’re Doing, and rounded out with Working Man, arguably the song that launched the band ( at least on the US radio market ).

After leaving the stage we had a final video of the band getting lost, and locked out of their dressing room, where a party was being held with all the figures from the various album covers..closing with the hopeful  R40″+”…perhaps there is more to come after all.

If, as the band has indicated, this is the last major tour they will do, then this may well have been their last ever Canadian concert, although they were so energetic, and seemed to be having fun for 3 hours, so it seems hard to believe…but if it is to be then the closing lines from Lakeside Park, one of the encores tonight seem quiet prophetic.

“Though it’s just a memory, some memories last forever.”

Exit Stage Left.


..It was a dark and stormy night….actually from what I recall it wasn’t, but 1988 is a long time ago, so my memory cannot be relied upon…

What I do know, courtesy of youtube is that the British Top 40 was populated with the likes of Kylie Minogue, T’Pau, Tiffany, Bananarama, and of all people, Patrick Swayze !!!! Mixing in with this dubious collection ( with the exception of little Kylie, of course ), was a smattering of talent…yes that week saw NWOFBH stalwarts Iron Maiden, Def Leppard, and established rockers AC/DC helping to brigthen to week of metalheads across the nation..

More importantly, for me at least, the end of that week ( April 23rd I think ), saw me trekking off to the NEC in Birmingham to see the Canadian powerhouse that was, and is, Rush, for the very first time. It was a fantastic show – spawning the “A Show of Hands” video, but little did I realise at the time that the next time i would see the band would be 23 years later, by which time I would be a Canadian citizen living in one of the most beautiful cities of the world, Vancouver.

Now, four years later it appears that I will be attending the last ( if the band’s current position holds true ) major Rush gig on Canadian soil – the end of an era.  The 27th stop of the tour has people flying in from all parts of the globe to see the band, so it is shaping up for a good night.IMG_0419-0.jpg

While the band themselves have been a constant over the years, the ticket prices certainly haven’t. WARNING: MATH GEEK STUFF AHEAD  I quick bit of reseacrh shows I paid the mighty sum of ₤10, around C$20…Now using the CPI Inflation calculation on the Bank of Canada Website shows that this would be the equivalent of $35 in 2015, somewhat short of the $143.25 cost of tonights ticket  – just saying !!!! Perhaps as well that the boys are talking of no more touring, it might bring our inflation down a little 🙂

Anyway -that matters not, what matters is that in a mere…xxx hours from now I will be Stage Right, 13 rows back looking out on a rock spectaular….stay tuned for an update after the show…..