NSGSC vs FCM Portland – Fen Burnett Stadium – June 24th, 2017

It was a scorching hot afternoon for a 1pm game, but at least the spectators had some shade in the bleachers of the new Fen Burdett Stadium on the North Shore.

NSGSC came into the game with back to back wins at the Seattle Sounders and Capital Timbers. 

The first half was a pretty even affair, although there was not too much goal mouth action.  The home team had a couple of close calls going over the bar, and our goalie had to be on point a couple of times.

The half ended with no score.

The second half was much more in favour of the NSGSC, with most of the action being in the visiting half.  The home team were rewarded for their efforts with a couple of goals.  The first came about through persistence, and a defensive mix up, and the second was from a strike that the goalie didn’t handle well.

NSGSC held on for a deserved win, increasing their current streak to three.

Next game is July 9th, 3pm and Fen Burdett vs OSA Football Club